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88 Keys To Learning

88 Keys To Learning eBook The fun I had putting this very unique collection together honestly cannot be described with words. It was developed out of a personal passion for approaching piano practice sessions in ways that go "outside the box," if you will. I should point out right up front that this is not a piano method. It will certainly not interfere with any method or approach you may be already engaged with. Rather, it will very likely compliment your experience. This is a collection of 88 "Keys" which serve as little "companions" intended to serve as encouragement, motivation, inspiration in various ways. We cover topics like adopting an enthusiastic attitude toward practicing, mastering scales with creative strategies, getting through difficult passages in ways you may not have considered, self-reflection, and so much more. Imagine that you're sitting at your piano or keyboard practicing and the doorbell rings. It's a musical colleague of yours with some playing experience who sits by your side on the piano bench and says, "Hey, have you ever tried this?" as he or she demonstrates a cool way to improve your confidence with getting through a musical segment that's been giving you a rough time. Your friend leaves after a short visit and you put the suggestion to work as you begin to smile from the newly gained insight. That's how these "Keys" are meant to serve you. It doesn't matter what you style of piano playing happens to be... pop, jazz, classical, or other. These "Keys" exist for you to open yourself up to creative ways of thinking about practicing. As you implement these suggestions, you will undoubtedly be inspired to put your own "twist" on them to cater them to your specific needs. In short, you'll have a lot of fun using them to enhance your overall practice experience. Piano teachers can benefit from this collection in an extraordinary way, too. You'll have fun picking and choosing which ideas work best for a particular student. You're sure to want to encourage them to each to grab a copy of their very own. Parents of students who take the initiative to take a genuine interest in interacting with their youngsters will want to have a copy of this near the piano for reference. They will certainly serve as a topics for several valuable conversation between you and your child. It is also my hope that your involvement with these helpful messages withEnjoy instant access to 88 Keys To Learning inspire you to create and share your own personal ideas. I will consider my purpose fulfilled if these "Keys" work this way for you. In addition, I am wide open to hearing from you personally since your input always inspires me. I would like to express my gratitude to you in advance for considering investing in 88 Keys To Learning and I sincerely hope your experience with it leads to at least a fraction of the joy I had in creating it. Get yours instantly by clicking here


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